Protection Coating

Color Finish Restoration/Renewing

Vinyl and Leather Repair

  • If we cant repair it, fix it or recolor it; don't worry, in most cases, we can replace it or custom remake the product from scratch.

Re-dye; Worn, Scratched, Faded Vinyl and Leather. This will bring your finish back to it's original condition.

​​Specialized Cleaning

11246 NE 87TH ST
  • To protect your vinyl/leather upholstery and add years of life to your valuable investment. This coating makes clean up easy. Prevents premature ware and tear, it resists stains and has uv blockers to prevent fading.

We get down deep into the grain texture with brushes that will not damage your fine materials such as leather. The cleaner that is used is with a PH balanced, degreaser cleaner solution specifically for Vinyl and Leather surfaces.


Seats. Door Panels. Side Panels. Dashboards. Center Console.


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